We are a service-organization for everybody that plays or works with music in the county of Akershus in Norway. Here you will find some of the things we offer to our menber groups and ensembles.


Adult education in music

If you are a musical group with more than 5 members, and you have reharseals regulary, we can support you with money.

Sound and light - technical equipment

You can rent loudspeakers, mixing-consoles, amplifiers, lights, microphones etc. cheap from us.

UKM - youth festival

Every year almost 4000 young kids in Akershus participate in our big youth festival UKM. Everybody in the age 10-20 can join in and sing and play, dance, show their movies or art at local shows all over the county.

The acoustics of rooms for music

The Council for Music Organizations in Norway (CMON) and The Adult Education Association of Music in Norway (AEAM) have been working for more than 25 years to imporove the rooms that are used for music rehearsal and performance in Norway. Each week more than 10.000 rooms are used by over 500.000 Norwegian amateur and professional musicians. Here you can find information about our work.


You can receive economic support if most of the members of your group is under 26 years old.

Music documentatuon Centre

If you have a valid card from your local library, you can borrow CD's, DVD's, books and chords from our big musical library.

Any questions?

Where can you record your songs in Akershus? Who can support your group economically? Where can you play live?

Contact information, Akershus musikkråd

If have you any questions, you can call our office at +4763815365, or send us an e-mail at akershus@musikk.no

The office is open on weekdays from 09.00 to 15.00
and is situated at Trondheimsveien 50E, 2007 Kjeller

What is Akershus musikkråd?

Akershus musikkråd is a regional organisation for music groups and music arranging gruoups in Akershus. Akershus is the counto that surrounds Oslo, the capital of Norway. Akershus has over 500.000 habtitants and in Akeshus musikkråd there is over 600 local music groups - choirs, wind ensembles, rock groups, jazz groups, acccordeon groups, groups playing folk music and local folk dance groups etc.

We are the regional part of "Norsk musikkråd" and "Musikkens studieforbund" ("The Norwegian Council for Music Organisations" and "The Adult Education Association of Music in Norway")

Her har vi målt akustikk

Kontakt oss

Akershus musikkråd
Telefon: 63 81 53 65
E-post: akershus@musikk.no

Trondheimsveien 50E
2007 Kjeller