Adult education in music

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If you are a musical group with more than 5 members, and you have reharseals regulary, we can support you with money.

If your group is located in Akershus, and the members are older than 14 years, you can apply to join in our educational programe. It's not that difficult, but you have to fill out some forms twice a year. Send us an e-mail with some small details about your group to and we will tell you if you can join the programe.


The Adult Education Association of Music in Norway (AEAM) is a NGO, governmentally approved adult learning associations.  AEAM is member of the Norwegian Association for Adult Learning (NAAL)

AEAM is an umbrella organization which
* consists of 28 national organizations - all dealing with music; however in different    genres. These organizations comprise about 129000 individual members
* made approximately 3300 courses with about 44500 participants in 2007
* receives governmental support. Through a legal system of criterias, AEAM supports the organizations and their groups / ensembles economically

AEAM has a central administration in Oslo, and has autonomous regional offices in all 19 counties of Norway.

The aim of AEAM is
    * to arrange and co-ordinate adult education in music, acting on behalf of music organizations in matters of music policy
    * to promote non formal adult learning (lifelong learning) within the field of culture - particularly music
    * to emphasize the importance of the non formal adult learning in relation to creating better individual lives, building local communities in which the inhabitants are thriving.
    * to ensure the high quality of the learning which takes place through the rehearsals of the ensembles (choirs, orchestras, rock bands, jazz bands, etc. etc.)

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